Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cupcakes and Vanilla Butter Frosting

I made these for a party and every lass one was gone. They take some time but are great and you can decorate them to your liking.

You will need:

4 lg egg whites

1 cup 2% milk

1 tbsp pure vanilla extract

3 cups sifted cake flour

1 1/2 cups sugar

4 tsp baking powder

3/4 cup (12 tbsp) salted butter, room temperature


1) In a bowl combine egg whites, milk and vanilla, whisking lightly. Set aside.

2) In stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment, stir together cake flour, sugar and baking powder.

3) Add in butter and mix on low until the flour settles down and then turn it up to about speed 3 and let run until butter is fully incorporated into the dry ingredients, about 2 minutes.

4) Return to low speed and mix in the liquid in 3 equal parts, mixing for about 20 seconds in between each addition. After adding in the last of the liquid, put back up on speed 3 or so and let mix for another 20 seconds.

5) Spoon equally into 24 muffin tins (with liners) and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 18 minutes.

6) Allow to cool fully and then frost.

Vanilla Butter Frosting

You will need:

1 cup salted butter

4 cups icing sugar

1 tbsp pure vanilla extract

1 tbsp coffee cream

To make the frosting, fit stand mixer with the paddle attachment and cream the butter well while you measure the other ingredients. Add the vanilla, cream and icing sugar and turn on the lowest speed or you'll be in a shower of icing sugar. Once the sugar starts to combine, turn the speed up gradually until you reach about mid-speed. Allow to continue beating 4-5 minutes, or until light and fluffy.

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